Anomaly Collection #Sweden 0068

These was found in middle Sweden and cant say where in Universe they from.


Epic material? Why? Light is forming total transparent background. Hardness 11-12 this piece hided inside a crystal matrix burned and melted like asphalt.

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Blue/titan type meteor crystal, seems to be a single find (3.4gr found)  Its uniqe cause the river bed rocks around is oval. Moh 14-15 (Universal master material)


The optical abilities bends light.


Ref: Ccom 0069

Carbon and Basalt ting? The red lines is The Anomaly and might be be meteor origin.







Ref Ccom 0071

Cant Hurt this sphere with tools it seems.

*yellow line (vertical) beneath surface.

Ref Ccom 0072

Digged up from swamp. Semi transparent.

Ref Ccom 73


ALPHAMOND (diamonds suddenly feels very 2010ish)
Its a total transparent but from angle looks like metal.




Mix from  previously unknown impact site.


19,8kg diamond Carrier meteor  type. Make some wedding rings or a holy grail?